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Meet Jane Puszkar

Growing up in North County St. Louis, Jane was raised to believe that honesty, hard work, and determination were the keys to success. She grew up with loving parents who helped shape who she is and what she believes. Jane’s conservative values were developed on her own, however, as she was taught to think and decide on her own.

Jane had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and held various positions including Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, and Manager of Medical Education. These promotions prompted relocations to Dallas, Texas (twice) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Happy, but unfulfilled, she decided to go back to school and get a Nursing Degree. Her specialty was in Neuroscience. She received the “Excellence in Nursing” award in 2015 from St. Louis Magazine. Another of Jane’s accomplishments is the Association of Stroke Coordinators which she founded in 2010 to fill the need for Stroke Coordinators and find solutions to common issues they faced. This group was the first in the St. Louis area to “cross system boundaries” and put nurses in direct contact with each other. Prior to that, Mercy, BJC, and SSM nurses didn’t regularly contact each other. The group now boasts 55 Stroke Coordinators from 6 different states. Jane is currently the Membership Director and Past President of the ASC.

Jane’s hobbies include spending time with her family. Since her early retirement, she has volunteered for a local food pantry and at the Children’s church. Jane’s family has lived in St. Charles County for over 20 years. In addition to spending time with her family, she and her husband have welcomed Sofiya, a student from Ukraine. Sofiya is currently a Junior and Editor-in-chief. She is majoring in Mass Communications at Lindenwood University and has resided with Jane & her husband, Ron for three years.

Jane is also an FAA Certified Private Pilot.

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